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About Me


Katie Ryan focuses on a photojournalistic approach whether shooting baby's first steps, a breaking story, a charity football game, or a bride and groom's first dance. She believes in capturing a moment rather than creating it. As a photojournalist she is able to fuse her love of photography with her passion of story telling.


Katie grew up in Chicago. She has had a love for photography since she was a young child and has been a professional photographer since 2001.  She was given her first camera as a gift from her father for her tenth birthday.


Over the years Katie has photographed such people as Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley, retired Chicago Fire Commissioner James Joyce and United States President Barack Obama. She has had numerous photographs seen in such publications as Vine Line Magazine & The Beverly Review.


When Katie photographs weddings, she gives her clients a non-traditional style of wedding photography, which many find to be a romantic and refreshing alternative to traditional posed wedding photography. Katie likes to tell a story through the lens of her camera, which is why her style appeals to so many.


She just can't put her camera down! When she is not working or taking pictures of her family & friends, Katie can be found shooting events and fundraisers such as St.Baldrick’s foundation & The Chicago Blaze. Katie has donated her services as well as hundreds of gift certificates to various charities all across Chicagoland.


Katie credits much of her success to the professionals she learned from while attending Columbia College Chicago. She was taught by world-renowned photographers such as Pulitzer Prize winner, John H. White of the Chicago Sun Times; Chuck Osgood of the Chicago Tribune; and George Georgiou of Playboy magazine.


While at Columbia, Katie enjoyed all the areas of photography she studied, but she concentrated and excelled in the areas of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. Katie shares some of the stories she has told and the things she has seen with the images here.

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